Often there is a gap in services from the time a project is initiated to the end of construction. The missing component is a team member with the experience and expertise to provide accurate, objective and reliable information and real-time solutions during design and construction.

ASCEND PROJECTS provides the construction project management services required to fill that gap. Our sole objective is to work with our clients as partners on their building projects, providing the information they need to make informed decisions and the professional expertise to ensure the success of their project.

The design and implementation of a building program is the complex and often challenging process that developers, builders, public/private institutions and business owners must engage in when they have decided to build new, expand or renovate an existing facility. General contractors are awarded contracts and suddenly realize they are short handed with the much needed experience to manage their projects.

Architects, engineers and design consultants are brought on board, the owner builds a team from their staff to lead the effort, design starts and the project gets going. Design is developed, construction documents are prepared and the project is put out for pricing, tenders come in and the project is over budget! Now what do you do? Scramble to redesign and lose time? Increase the budget? Abandon the project?

Architects and engineers are trained to design facilities that address the owners space and program requirements. They are not in the business of preparing schedules and construction budgets. Managements’ prime focus and area of expertise is addressing the company business objectives, not developing and tracking project budgets and schedules, implementing cost controls during design or managing construction.