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“Dava Developments would like to express its appreciation to Milt Sorokin for providing us with Project Management/Owner Representation leadership on 2 of our luxury condominium/townhouse and 1 commercial real estate development project. His high level broad experience, disciplined approach and attention to detail helped us navigate through a complex building market and regulatory environment leading to the successful completion of these projects.

We would highly recommend Milt to any company in need of a competent and trustworthy Project Manager.”

  • Nelson C. - VP of Development
  • Dava Developments Ltd.

"As the project manager for our new winery complex, Milt Sorokin provided key management and leadership expertise which enabled the project to be successfully completed. In addition, Milt was responsible for organizing and leading a team of design, business advocacy and financial industry professionals towards the successful appeal and cancellation of $173,000 of assessed City development charges.

I would recommend Milt to any company whose building program requires the services of a highly competed and goal oriented project manager."

  • Alison L. - Director
  • Blossom Winery Ltd.

"As Director, Design and Construction, Milt played a key role in a number of critical projects and led the department during a period of tremendous renovation activity and new store growth. Milt worked closely with the Operations, Marketing and Finance departments, developed relationships with our corporate and franchise managers and with our business partners and was a key member of our Senior Management group.

I recommend Milt to any company in need of an experienced, dedicated, detail oriented project manager."

  • Warren E. - President
  • White Spot Restaurants

"I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to express our appreciation for the assistance you have provided through out this challenging assignment. Shortly after joining our team on General Motors Place you were shoved into the middle of the most difficult issues we have had to deal with on this project. We needed someone who could get up to speed quickly and pursue these issues relentlessly until they were resolved and under control. This is what you told us you could do and this is exactly what you did.

The dedication you have shown is exemplary of what has made this project a success."

  • Joseph P. - Sr. Project Manager
  • Dominion Hunt

"K & F Commercial Properties wishes to thank Milton Sorokin for his outstanding project management services to our firm. Through Mr. Sorokin’s broad professional experience and ability to meet the challenges of a highly complex project, we were able to complete one of our most important developments to date, The Hollywood Galaxy.

We would highly recommend Mr. Sorokin to any firm who is in need of a well rounded project manager."

  • Tom M. - Senior Vice President
  • Kornwasser & Friedman
  • Shopping Center Properties

"I recommend Milt Sorokin to anyone in need of a knowledgeable and experienced project manager. Milt was assigned the project manager/owner representative role for the development/construction of the Neufeld Science Centre expansion. His knowledge, attention to detail and leadership abilities contributed significantly towards resolving challenging budget, schedule and technical issues. He is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and was always available to discuss my concerns and respond to questions."

  • Paul J. - Dir. Campus Services
  • Trinity Western University